Our Team

Our Management Team

Marwan Boucherit

Its president, Mr. Marwan Boucherit, has been managing construction contracts for more than 25 years in his home country and throughout the African continent. In Canada since 2001, he has been Canadian for more than 10 years, so it’s more natural to grow his business in Quebec.

Mr. Boucherit holds all the RBQ and APCHQ licences, insurance and bonds necessary in Quebec as a general contractor.

Mr. Boucherit has been a specialist in major construction project management for more than 20 years. His family has been working in this field for more than 50 years. 

With a bachelor’s degree in business management coupled with various trainings in the construction and site management field, Mr. Boucherit is a professional in the field who will bring your project to a complete future.

Mario Cotton
Vice President – Business and International Development

Mario Cotton has more than 35 years of corporate management and labour relations management. Now, with a distinguished career in corporate development and labour relations, and as a complex situation management consultant, Mario Cotton joined the Millennium Construction Group in 2020 as Vice President of Business and International Development.

During these years, he worked actively in the world of labour relations, holding various positions. From founding president of a union, to director of professional services, director of a government training center, general manager of a medical transportation company, vice president of administration of an electronic security and investigation company, vice president of corporate and vice president of labour relations. He also led a team of union advisors for a major international construction union.

He also has international experience in work organization and management.

As Vice President of Business and International Development, Mr. Cotton is responsible for the Group’s administrative management, labour relations and development both locally and internationally.

Our Associate Experts

The Millennium Construction Group has as its project manager talented engineers who have many major achievements to their assets as director and project manager.

These include the heads of our engineering division, Mr. Bouzid Khalil Fouad, Mr. Abdelalim Dey and Mr. Bilel Missaoui, engineers.

Mr. Bilel Missaoui, engineer

A civil engineer who graduated in 2007, Mr. Missaoui is a world-class engineer and has a wide-sized project as director and project manager.

As an example, the construction of a bridge at Tovégbamé at PK28 on the AKPRO-MISSERETE-ADJOHOUN road – KPEDEKPO at BENIN. The work of putting in 2 x 2 lanes of the crossing of Bingerville and its extension to Eloka – Ebrah in Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire for 30 km. Development and bitumen work on the Inter-State National Route (RNIE7): KANDISEGBANA-FRONTIERE NIGERIA VERS SAMIA (117,618 km) and the KANDI Bypass (4 km), as well as many other achievements.

Mr. Abdelalim Dey, Engineer

A civil engineer who graduated in 2003, Mr. Dey is a world-class engineer and has a wide-sized project as director and project manager.

As an example, we can only count on the construction of 151 budgetary collective apartments with underground parking (TANIT Residence), the construction of a oued El Malah crossing on the RR93 at PK04 in Monastir, the rehabilitation of the GP18 Pk107au Pk121 and mc60 from Pk09 to Pk32 to El Kef and Jendouba, construction of a wadi zargua crossing structure on the RL518 at PK09-500, construction of a university complex ENS PARIS SACLAY, construction of the interchange X2 – RN9 – LIAISON NORD SUD – BOULEVARD B, construction of the Maghreb motorway SFAX-GABES, LOT4 (GHRAIBA-SKHIRA), redevelopment and extension of the luxury AMILCAR 5 Hotel (162 presidential suites) in Sidi Bou Said TUNIS and many other achievements.

Mr. Bouzid Khalil Fouad, engineer

Mr. Fouad is a civil engineer who has been working on various major projects for more than 40 years. His extensive experience has led him over the past decade to a field of expertise in the preparation of major projects as a consultant.

Over the course of his career, he has held various positions such as: Head of Mission, Project Manager, Consultant Auditor, Consultant Expert, Consultant Engineer and Head of Mission, Design Engineer, Project Manager and Vacancy Professor.

He has a great deal of experience with African realities, as he has been working there for many years. He has worked in Mauritania, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and mainly in Côte d’Ivoire.

In order to mention only a few of its professional implications in Côte d’Ivoire in recent years, we should mention only:


  • Monitoring and monitoring of road maintenance work on dirt roads in Côte d’Ivoire – Mission 65
  • Monitoring and monitoring of road maintenance work on dirt roads in Côte d’Ivoire – Mission 41
  • Studies for the construction of the operating buildings of the rest areas of Ferkessédougou and Ouan golodougo
  • Road and stability studies of the embankment of the construction site of the Ivorian-Korean Sports, Cultural and ICT Centre
  • Detailed pre-project studies and conduct of roadworks and various networks of the real estate operation “LILIUM – 350 dwellings” on an area of 7 ha in Ebimpé Extension – Anyama
  • Study for the consolidation of the work of art at PK 79-230 at Agboville station, Study for the consolidation of the work of art at PK 79-230 at Agbovill station
  • Flood zone remediation study at PK 437-414 on the Loho-Niangbo section in Katiola department
  • Update of the technical study and environmental and social impact study for the development of a parking area in Aboisso and Noah
  • Real estate operation “MAGNIN Residences – 171 units”
  • Real estate operation “CAD-CI Residences – 136 units” in Modeste – Grand-Bassam
  • Presidential program to build 60,000 social housing units, monitor and control of Point à Temps (P.A.T.) works on intercity paved roads
  • Update study of the watering map for the city of Yamoussoukro
  • Detailed pre-project, environmental and social impact studies for the development of district and regional capital roads: Lot 1 and Lot 3
  • 569-hectare serviceization studies in the Abidjan District
  • Presidential programme to build 60,000 social and economic housing units
  • Study of the traffic plan in the port area of Abidjan Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Transport and Trade Facilitation Project (PFCTCAL)
  • Technical studies and environmental and social impact studies in the cities of Bouaké and Korhogo Infrastructure Renaissance Emergency Program in Côte d’Ivoire
Mr. Slimane Tlatli, architect

Mr. Tlatli graduated in 1998 from the National School of Architecture in Rabat, Morocco. Over the past 20 years, Mr. Tlatli has managed large-scale architectural projects, both as an architectural designer, project manager and planner.

Many of his works are world-renowned in terms of architectural creativity.

Our bitumen plant in Tunis, Tunisia