Our Services

Residential construction of all types

For all your residential construction needs, entrust the Groupe Millénium Construction to carry out all your projects. They will be pleased to provide you with a quote for your project and the support you need throughout the process.

Construction of industrial buildings and institutional buildings

Whether it’s for a warehouse, an office building, a school or any commercial or institutional building, the Groupe Millénium Construction has the expertise to manage this type of construction site.


The renovation service is offered to the commercial, residential and institutional sectors, and it includes kitchen and bathroom renovations, floor installation and all other needs.

Construction in civil engineering

Large and small roadworks, pavement, bitumen, cement, pipe, solid pavement, road projects, etc.

This service is available to real estate developers, utilities and commercial investors, but can also be offered to individuals.

Supervision and management of construction works

Our managers are able to mange work of all sizes. Our teams of engineers and technicians are able to carry out and bring your work to fruition.


Implementation of tailor-made training according to the needs of our customers.

Project and construction team management

Reading and interpretation of plans and specifications, cost estimates and quotes, legislative and regulatory frameworks, management and control of construction activities, management of subcontractors and staff, we have the best solution to your needs.

The Groupe Millénium Construction masters everything in the field of construction. We have the necessary insurance and bonding as well as teams of professionals to carry out your work of all sizes.